Aging in Place

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Staying in your own home as you get older is known as “Aging in Place”. The main intention of this concept is for elderly adults to ensure they can live where they choose, and receive the help they need, for as long as possible. Often as a person ages, their quality of life at home deteriorates. Part of aging in place is creating a plan to maintain or improve their quality of life. This ensures one can stay in their home as long as possible, while still receiving the care and help they need. 

To create a good aging plan, one must consider their self, home, finances, care needs, and other aspects of their life. Every person is different and may have other areas of their life that need to be considered as well. As needs and situations change, their aging in place plan will need to be updated to meet these new conditions. 


It can be hard to predict what may happen in the future to oneself, but there are ways to plan. Many body changes happen to a majority of the aging population. Things such as reduced vision, decreased muscle strength, less balance, increased likeliness of illness, decreased mobility, and reduced hearing are all issues that most people experience as they age. A person can also look at their family history, which will give an insight into what to expect in the future. By planning for these body changes, one can plan for their self needs to be met while aging in place.


Staying in your home can be comforting, but as you age it can also lead to more obstacles. Planning for aging in your house means that adjustments will need to be done. Consider things like how will you maintain home upkeep, or how stairs will affect you. Simple things like extra throw pillows or rugs can become a tripping hazard. A high bed can become dangerous, and tall blinds may be difficult too close. By taking your house into consideration, you will be able to make updates and changes to safely age in the home. 


As with all aging plans, aging in place will require financial planning. Consider how long-term care will be paid for. Who will manage your finances if you are unable to? Think about assets and how to ensure you or a loved one will be cared for and protected. Taking care of your financial needs is an important step in your aging in place plan. It will benefit you and reduce the burden on others.


Consider who will take care of your care needs. Will your family be taking on the responsibilities or a home care agency? With aging in place, you get the freedom to choose and decide. However, these needs and expectations must be discussed and planned to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Every person is different, so while these categories are a good general basis, each aging in place plan will look different and meet different needs. As life and circumstances change, reevaluate your plan to make sure it adequately meets these changes.

Using home care services, such as Gentle Touch Home Care, is a great way to age in place safely. Home care can take care of a wide variety of things, from medicine to cleaning and grooming. To learn more about our services, and how we can fit into your aging in place plan, visit our website. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns, so contact us to talk more! 

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